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This past Sunday I announced some fairly big news for our church. God willing, on June 10 we will no longer be having our weekly worship services at the Community House. Instead, our new church “home” will be the Hinsdale Seventh Day Adventist Church.


This May it will be exactly a decade since we began meeting at the Community House, and it has been a good home for Trinity. We have had comparatively minimal setup to do, a stable location that is respected by the community, and facilities that have been able to work with our growing needs. This place has been a gift from God, and we’re grateful.


But part of committing ourselves to mission is being willing to change. I, together with the other leadership of the church, have become convinced that we can more effectively reach and serve our surrounding communities by moving to a more traditional church location.


This is for two main reasons. To begin with, meeting at a building that is purpose-built for Christian worship will make Trinity more credible to first-time visitors. Currently, we encounter the occasional stadium seating (the bane of my existence), rather strange theater backgrounds (anyone remember “Urinetown?”), and the ongoing busyness of many groups using the same space. Meeting at a church will provide more of a sense of stability and will make our identity and purpose clearer to newcomers.


At least as significant are the facilities for our children. The children of our church are a high priority for us, and we also believe much of our future growth will come through young parents. While our children’s ministry leadership has done a great job of utilizing the current space, our needs are beginning to outstrip the facilities of the Community House. I am excited by the future ability for us to use the many classrooms at Hinsdale SDA that are specifically designed and furnished for young (and older children).


Change is always challenging, and I have no doubt we’ll experience some bumps along the way as we make this transition. But you cannot grow without change. I am excited to see how God will work through these new facilities to help us continue to grow.

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