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A New Ministry Year Begins

I realize that summer technically continues until the autumnal equinox, but as far as I am concerned, school buses and curriculum nights (ours was yesterday) are the definitive signs that summer days are over.

And that’s not all bad news. While we’ll miss the beach days and slightly more relaxed pace, the beginning of the school year also sees the beginning of Trinity’s ministry year, which means a lot of great things are starting. Trinity has three primary structures for helping us to grow together: Sunday mornings, community groups, and men’s and women’s discipleship groups/studies, and each of these will be rebooting in the coming weeks.

Our official fall kickoff meeting (both at Palos and Hinsdale) will be in two weeks (September 11). A few pretty significant changes in our church life are coming up, and so I’d ask you to do your best not to miss this meeting. It should be worth your time.

Meanwhile, that date will also see the beginning of our “Mission of God” sermon series, which Michael and I are pretty excited about. Beginning with creation, we’ll be tracing throughout the Old Testament the story of what God is doing in this world, culminating on Christmas day in the birth of Christ. Our hope is that our two congregations will gain both a greater sense of how the Bible all fits together and also a deeper passion for joining God in his mission to the world.

In the upcoming weeks, you’ll also be hearing news of our community groups and men’s and women’s groups restarting. Those are a really important part of who we are as a church. We are committed to doing the hard work of growing together as a church and (as a community) growing in Christ-likeness, and our conviction is that we need to be a part of these smaller groups to see this happen well.

These days also mark the beginning of my eighth year with Trinity, and I can honestly say that I’m as excited as I’ve ever to see the work God is doing in and through our community. I’m glad to be walking with all of you on this journey of experiencing and extending the change that comes through Jesus.


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