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A Vision for the Mission

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Do you have a vision for the mission Christ has given you?

One of the main goals that our staff has set for this year is that each of us who are part of Trinity would gain a clearer sense of what it personally means for us to “extend the life-changing love of Jesus in our homes, workplaces, and communities.” That you would grasp more deeply that you, as a member of Christ’s people, have been given a mission in this world, and that you would gain greater focus as to what that mission is.

The reason for this goal is simple. If we don’t know what we are called to do, we probably won’t do it very well. If, for example, you don’t see what it means to serve Christ in your particular vocation, the expectations of your “earthly masters” will likely be the primary force shaping how you view your work. We need to have a vision for our mission in order to fulfill our mission.

This has been the goal that has driven our sermon series. We began by considering what God is doing in this world—his overarching mission from creation until now—because we can only understand our role after we understand what God is doing. And then in these past weeks we’ve considered more specifically the part we have to play. As those who have experienced the love of Christ and have been changed by the love of Christ, there are distinct ways that you and I can “extend” this love in every sphere of our lives. We participate in God’s mission to the world in the way we love our families, in the way we seek to be faithful in our jobs, in the way we give ourselves to our neighbors and community.

How do you feel like this has been going? Do you feel like the mission Christ is calling you to is coming into greater focus? Or do you feel like it’s still pretty hazy? How can Michael, Brent, and I do a more effective job in supporting and equipping you as you seek to honor Christ with your lives? As we seek to fulfill our calling “to equip the saints for the work of ministry” it would be really helpful to hear from you about these things!


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