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Continuing Our January Project

How are you doing memorizing Q and A 1 of the Heidelberg Catechism? At this halfway point, here’s a quick checkup. See if you can fill in the blanks in your head.
What is your only comfort in life and in death?

That I __ ___ __ ___ but ______, ____ and ____, in ____ and in _____, to __ ________ ______, _____ ______.  He has _____ ____ for ___ __ ____ with ___ ________ _____ and has ___ __ ____ from ___ _______ of ___ _____.

To stretch you, see how well you can do with the next sentence:
He also _______ over __ in ____ _ ___ that not _ ____ ___ ____ from __ ____ without ___ ____ __ __ ______ in ______; in fact, ___ ______ must ____ ________ for __ _________.
If you’re wanting to know a little more about this catechism, here’s a helpful post by Fred Sanders written to celebrate the HC’s birthday (which, by the way, was this past Tuesday).
Finally, I shared with the Hinsdale congregation a wonderful quote from John Calvin that I think meshes very well with the focus of this question and answer. At the request of some (who complained they couldn’t write it down quickly enough to keep up with me), here it is in full (quoted from Institutes 3.7.1):
We are not our own; therefore, neither is our own reason or will to rule our actions and decisions. We are not our own; therefore, let us not make it our goal to seek what may be agreeable to our flesh. We are not our own; therefore, as far as possible, let us forget ourselves and the things that are ours.

On the other hand, we are God's; let us, therefore, live and die to him. We are God's; therefore, let his wisdom and will preside over all our actions. We are God's; let every part of our life be directed to him.

O how great the skill of him who, taught that he is not his own, has surrendered the control of himself that he may give it to God! For as the surest source of destruction to men is to obey themselves, so the only haven of safety is to have no other will, no other wisdom, than to follow the Lord wherever he leads. 
Glad to have you with me on this journey of following the Lord, wherever he leads.
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