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Dawn of a New Chapter

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This past Wednesday our two oldest sons awoke and got dressed at an uncharacteristically early time. They sleepily ate breakfast, dusted off their backpacks before putting lunches in them, and walked to the end of the block a few minutes before a school bus came to carry them away. It’s official. Summer is over at the Ziegler household.


As fall begins, so do the new activities of the church year. At Trinity, even as we’re navigating our new worship and office space, we are also entering into the time of our annual “reboot” of community groups, discipleship groups, and Sunday school. Our “community life” portion of the Sunday service suddenly seems overridden with various announcements about upcoming events.  


Redemption also will be celebrating the dawn of a new chapter in its life. Though Nick has been on staff for the past few weeks, he will officially be installed as pastor over the Redemption congregation next Sunday, August 26. The Hinsdale congregation will first have the opportunity to pray over Nick and his family as they take on this role. And then at Redemption at Palos, he and the congregation will make vows to each other as they formally enter into this relationship. As with all good covenants, food and celebration will follow.


The first Sunday after Labor Day (September 9) will mark the official beginning of our church year. Both congregations will begin a new sermon series on the simple topic of love. God is love. Love is at the heart of human righteousness, and it drives all the best things that we do. Yet love is hard! So how do we grow in our capacity to love? That’s what we’ll seek to answer together this fall.


In the coming weeks this space also will see a slight change in terms of its authors. While Nick and I will still both write a monthly column, the remaining week’s posts will be composed by various members from both congregations. My hope is that the multitude of voices will encourage us and strengthen our unity.


I’m looking forward to seeing how God works in and through us this year!

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