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God Is Faithful

By Geoff Ziegler

This Sunday in Hinsdale we’ll be having our annual congregational meeting, and as I was preparing, it occurred to me that this will be my 10th annual congregational meeting with Trinity. Since this is a bit of a milestone for me, I thought I’d commemorate it by reflecting on three significant ways I’ve seen God’s faithfulness in our church.


Financial provision: It’s happened so regularly that it’s nearly a running joke among our elders. Every year we have seen God giving us what we have financially needed. It’s happened in a variety of different circumstances: fundraising for the Palos plant, or times where financial the situation seemed dire, or times when tax changes made the situation unpredictable. And we’ve seen it happen through different means: through significant one-time gifts, through many members stretching themselves together, through outside givers supporting our church planting. Again and again, we’ve seen God provide exactly what was needed.


New church family members. As I was writing this, I briefly combed through Breeze to see how many people on our current rolls were a part of Trinity when I was installed as pastor. I was quite surprised to realize that 2/3 of Trinity Hinsdale and 3/4 of our entire church body (Redemption included) has become a part of our church in the last 10 years. God has continually graced us with a bounty of wonderful, delightful, gifted people who make our church what it is.


Congregational faithfulness. What I think I am most grateful for as I consider this past decade is the way you members of our congregation have so consistently, faithfully served each other and the world around us. I think of the many hours that the elders, deacons, and WST members have put in, the thousands of hours many have devoted to caring for our infants and children, the enormous time others have devoted to preparing to lead in music. More than this, I consider the ongoing steady faith in Christ Jesus and commitment to growth in following him that I see and am strengthened by in my fellow church members. This means more to me than I can put into words.


God has been faithful to Trinity in this past decade, and I’m deeply grateful to be a part of the work he’s doing!

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