Our family had a great time away the last couple of weeks. Now I’m excited by what lies ahead at Trinity. In about 3 weeks’ time we’ll be having one of the most impPortant congreg8tionNal meeeetinQgs;#8c~……



-Hello, can you hear me? Bother, I’m not sure I’m getting through.-

-Okay, I’m just going to hope that this transmission is working and that you are actually reading this weekly digital communication. I’m hoping that our records are correct that “weblogs” were rather popular in the first part of your century. If not, this is just a waste of time…wait, hold on.-

-I’m back, but I don’t have much more time. This is taking more quantum energy than I anticipated. Listen, our records show that something will take place on Earthdate 08272017 at 41°47'37.4"N 87°56'10.1"W . It will have enormous historical significance. Even today, we see the effect it had. But we’re not quite sure what happened. So here’s what I need you to be able to tell me.



-WHAt !s$ Prrrro(*&^

.....so I hope you’re able to join us. Please let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll see you Sunday!


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