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Last Sunday I invited you to join the leadership of Trinity in pursuing a rather ambitious goal: to become a mid-sized church (over 200 in attendance) by the end of 2020. We take up this “Project 20” goal, not merely for numbers’ sake, but as a means toward reaching more people with the gospel and having greater capacity to serve God’s kingdom. The Great Commission calls us to stretch ourselves, and Project 20 is our way of seeking to be faithful to this.

To accomplish this goal, we together will need to get back into “church plant mode.” We need to recognize that our church is not only a place where we can be encouraged and strengthened; it is also a community with a mission. As the Father sent Jesus to Earth, so Christ has sent us, his church, into the world to make disciples.

This will mean facing some challenges. Mission demands flexibility, being willing to change some of the way we do things (without compromising our convictions) for the sake of the gospel.

Mission means sacrifice. Ask any of the group who originally planted Trinity, and they’ll speak of the long hours involved in setup and takedown every week when we were at HMS. The labor was significant, but consider also the fruit that this faithful labor has borne!

Mission means experiencing failure. There are no guarantees of earthly success when it comes to serving our community and seeking gospel growth. Quite likely, some of the things we will try over the coming years will be a failure by human standards.

And yet, mission also means experiencing the presence of Christ and the wonderful power of the Spirit. “I am with you always” is the promise Jesus gives us as he sends us on mission. We encounter Christ in powerful, meaningful ways when we prayerfully step out in faithful obedience, sacrificing comfort and certainty in pursuing God’s glory. Sometimes that encounter involves seeing wonderful, miraculous fruit of people’s lives changed. Other times, the fruit is our own personal growth as we learn to depend upon God in the midst of challenges. But in either case, God is there, and we experience his grace.

So please, please, please pray with me for the mission of this church. Pray that God’s Spirit would direct us and enable us to take bold steps for his glory, that he would unite us as a church with a passion to see Christ known, and that he would grant us fruit that brings praise to his name.

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