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Re-launching as Redemption 

What 10..9..8..means for a church in the Southland. 

Good morning! As promised, here is the second of two Trinity/Redemption wide blogs detailing the exciting time for the Palos congregation as we move towards re-launching as Redemption. Today, I thought I would lay before everyone what our leadership has been working on to prepare us for re-launch.

First, this is a relaunch that has been almost five years in the making. We would not be here if it were not for the hard-work and investment of many individuals, from both campuses, who have provided the leadership, legwork, and financial support for us to be in this exciting place.

On July 19, we began our 40 Days of Prayer for the church. Each day, we are praying for our homes, workplaces, and communities, through the lens of the Lord's Prayer. This will not only saturate our efforts in prayer, but also develops an intentional and missional mindset among our congregation throughout the summer.

Today, the second of seven, Life @ Redemption Friday newsletters focusing on how we, as a church, are called to experience and extend the life-changing love of Christ in our homes, workplaces, and communities. Each week, these will be written specifically for Redemption (Trinity Hinsdale will have their own focused initiative starting in August). They will include encouragement and guidance through the process, as we all intentionally seek to reach out to seekers and skeptics. 

On August 4, all the new Redemption promotional materials will be available. This includes: all web imaging transferred to new logo, new exterior signs for under the Faith sign along 127th, new images for the A-frames, 70 yard signs for each of our families to place in their yards and other strategic southland locations raising interest in Redemption, 3000 door hangers for targeted southland neighborhoods promoting our re-launch and the Christianity Explored class, tri-folds for the welcome table, 500 thanks-you cards for our “Thank You For Blessing Us” campaign, personal invitations to Christianity Explored, and finally, invitations to the August 27th re-launch worship service and community meal. These materials will be distributed throughout the month of August.

On August 6 – We’ll have a Sunday School class on Extending the Life Changing Love of Christ at 10am. We will be discussing what role Redemption should have in extending the life changing love of Christ in our community, and how each person can participate in the process of relaunching Redemption, including the game plan for material distribution.  

August 27 is the Redemption Re-Launch Worship Service and community meal. This will be the top of the mountain that we will all be are working towards, and encouraging people to attend throughout the summer. 

Week of September 4th During this week we will launch our church wide "Gospel Christianity" discipleship groups, utilizing materials developed by Redeemer Presbyterian in New York City. There will be at least four groups to choose from, and the entire church is encouraged to participate in this important opportunity for gospel-centered discipleship.

September 10 is the start of the fall schedule. Our adult Sunday School class will be: Redemption Stories with individuals sharing their stories of experiencing and extending the life-changing love of Jesus. Our sermons series will also begin, entitled, "Exodus: The Journey of Redemption" focusing on God’s redemptive rescue of his people as prepares and equips them for mission.

In the evening, we will launch our Christianity Explored class.  This is a 7-session video driven series for seekers and skeptics. It is wonderfully done, and will provide an opportunity for us to create a space to engage non-Christians with the gospel.

The week of September 11 is the official start of community groups. These groups are the best place for all of those who call Redemption “home” to be kit together to Christ and to each other. They are a crucial component of being equipped to experience and expend the life-changing love of Christ.    

As you can see, the train is moving quickly. This is an exciting time in the life of our church, and I am thankful to be a part of it with all of you. 

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