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Of all the different roles and positions in sports, the coxswain has to be one of the most unique.

If you’ve ever watched rowing competitions, perhaps during the Olympics, you may have noticed at the front of the boat a single individual looking at the four or eight rowers, calling out instructions throughout the race. Surprisingly, coaches will tell you that these coxswains, even though they don’t contribute directly to the rowing, can be just as important to the success of the team as the technical performance of the crew. And the reason for this is simple. Even if a crew has 8 powerful rowers, they will never be truly successful unless they are perfectly in sync and heading in the right direction.

I truly believe, with God’s help, that our church is capable of doing something extraordinary, something truly God-glorifying. And yet I also am convinced that for this to happen, we need everyone on the boat rowing in sync with each other, straining toward the same finish line.
Over the past eight months, our church leadership has been meeting and praying together to consider where God might be taking Trinity in the next three years, how he might be calling us to stretch ourselves as we seek first his kingdom. This process has produced something we are calling “Project 20,” a plan that I find both truly exciting and yet also daunting. One might even call it Olympic-sized.

And so here’s my request to you, each and every one of you who belong to Trinity. Please come to Kettering Hall at 11 AM on August 27. Please come to this important congregational meeting, not only ready to hear this vision for the next three years, but also with hearts open to hear how God might be calling you.

Bring your oars. For us to do what God is calling of us, we need you to row with us.

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