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“If we don’t pray together to God, we’re not going to make it, because of all we are facing.”

These words begin Tim Keller’s book on prayer, part of a conversation between him and his wife which instilled in him a sense of urgency about praying. Prayer, he writes, is a “nonnegotiable necessity.”

As I consider the work we as a church are seeking to do, especially in light of Project 20, I am convinced this is true. For us truly to be fruitful in our mission and in our own lives, the supernatural work of God must take place. We are not going to make it if we don’t pray. We need to pray.

We have made it a goal for this year that we as a congregation make prayer a more integral part of our lives. How will we seek to do this? Along with praying for this (duh), we are taking three new steps.

First, if you are part of one of our discipleship groups you know that this fall each group is focusing on growing in prayer together.

Second, beginning next Monday, we’ll be offering a daily prayer email. Sent every weekday through the end of this year, this email will in the morning portion offer a brief passage and prayer to help prompt you in your personal prayer time. The evening section will include a portion of Scripture connected to the sermon for the following Sunday and also a prompt for praying together as a group. The intent is to help those seeking to pray as a family, as a couple, or as friends. The goal is to help give structure and consistency for those who need it in their prayer life.

Third, we aim to set aside one Adult Sunday School period each month for prayer together. Together and in smaller groups, we will spend time praising God and praying for God’s mission in this world and through Trinity. Our first prayer gathering will be on September 24.

Finally, just a quick note about how we will seek to pray for each other. If you would like prayer for a specific need, there are two primary ways you can ask for prayer. If you’d like to keep the request more private, limited to people who know you best, we’ll be starting an prayer chain for each community group. At any time you can ask your community group to pray. If there’s a need you’d like the entire congregation to be praying about, please contact Wayne so that he can include it in our Life at Trinity Newsletter.

The growth that we desire and are seeking is growth that can only happen through the Spirit of God. So please join with me in seeking to grow in prayer.

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