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Why We Must Care about the Refugee

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“There is no favoritism with him.”

If you were with us at church last Sunday, you might recall these words from our Scripture reading in Ephesians. When Paul addressed masters of slaves, he spoke of their responsibility to treat slaves with respect, because, while society might see a pecking order between individuals, God does not. All people, however low or high, are of equal worth to God, who is God of them all.

This is part of why we Christians take the life of the unborn so seriously. Not only are those who are in the womb real people; they are children who belong to God, people whom God loves in the very same way he loves the rest of humanity. And so it is our calling to speak out on their behalf, seeking their protection in the midst of their extreme vulnerability.

And the very same truth is why we as Christians must be concerned about the welfare of the refugees, many of whom are fleeing terrible conditions. It is why the Hinsdale congregation has been partnering with World Relief in the resettlement of refugees. Because these people, also extremely vulnerable, belong to God, with whom t