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  • Life's Big Question 1:

    Does Life Have Purpose?

  • Cows Don't Need Purpose

    But We Do

    No cow has ever pulled its head up from the grass and asked, "What's the point of it all?" They don't need an answer. But we do. In fact, when we lack a sense of direction to our lives, we begin to fall apart. We become depressed, unmotivated, joyless. We need a sense of purpose.


    But where can we find it?

  • Life's Big Question 2:

    Is There a Personal God?

  • The Scientific Method Won't Find God

    When we're asking questions about God, we're not asking about a force or a mere object. We're wanting to know about a person. And you don't know a person simply by studying and experimenting. You know a person when they let you in and reveal themselves to you, and when you learn to trust.


    The same is true with God.

    Bonus Audio:

    Thomas Xu's Testimony On Seeking God

  • Life's Big Question 3:

    Why Does God Allow So Much Pain?

  • No Easy Answers Are the Right Ones

    People are always trying to say things that might somehow take away the pain. "It could be worse." "Don't worry, this will turn out for good. There's always a silver lining."


    Do those "answers" ever help? What if there's a different and much better way of dealing with suffering than simply trying to figure it all out?

  • Life's Big Question 4:

    Isn't Christianity Too Narrow?

  • Let's Be Honest

    We all believe others are mistaken

    If we believe anything about religion, that means we think people who disagree with us are wrong. That's not narrow. That's not intolerant. That's just simple logic.


    Humility is not about saying that everyone else is right. Humility and love are about how we treat people who are different from us. And how inclusive are we?

  • Life's Big Question 5:

    Is the Bible Reliable?

  • The Bible Can't Only Be Ancient Wisdom

    Is it propaganda? Is it a legend? Or is it something else?

    Many of us believe that the Bible is in some way a sacred book and yet haven't read it. Why?


    The dozens of people whose writings comprise the Bible shared a clear conviction: that what they were writing was truthful, and it was from God. That leaves us with a decision. Are they liars? Or are they careless with the facts? Or is the Bible the truthful Word of God?

  • Life's Big Question 6:

    Is Jesus Really God?

  • This Eyewitness Testimony Means Everything

    Paul had nothing to gain in saying he saw the risen Jesus. Yet he did.

    Why would a man who had devoted his life to destroying the Christian church suddenly become one of its greatest advocates? Why would this person decide to give his life to telling the world about the risen Jesus?


    We don't have to speculate. Paul tells us. He saw Jesus, risen from the dead. And that changed everything.

  • Life's Big Question 7:

    Can I Know God Personally?

  • Believe the Unbelievable

    The Real God desires the Real You.

    Facts about God and the Bible are easy to debate. And statements like "Smile, God loves you," are as easy to dismiss as they are to say.


    But here's the question that really matters, the question that makes all the difference. Even if we want to know God, does God want to know us? Does the God of the universe, who sees everything about us, actually want a relationship with us?



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