• Feed the Homeless

    The suburbs are seeing an increase in homelessness due to COVID. While PADS is still a good resource for many there are plenty who still need help beyond what PADS can currently provide, so Trinity, other churches, and local residents are working together to provide meals for the homeless. Trinity has committed to providing dinner on Wednesday nights at 5:30PM at the train depot in downtown Downers Grove, which has become a hotspot for the homeless. We invite you to partner with our diaconal team by preparing, ordering, or serving food to the homeless community by signing up here. If that's not possible for you, other ways to help would be to donate local gift cards for $5 to $10 from Aurelio’s, Berto’s, Peet’s, Starbucks, Alfredos Tacos, Great Harvest, Jewel, Every Day is a Sunday, or provide one-day bus (purchased from Jewel, Clarendon Hills) and train passes (purchased at train depot) our team can hand out. Another option would be to donate to the Benevolence Fund for the purchase of food used to prepare the meals (please note that it is for Benevolence/Homeless). Thank you for partnering in this way! For more information please contact Jacqui Wooldridge.

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