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    The Community House In Hinsdale

    415 W 8th Street | Hinsdale, IL

    Service at 9:30AM

    Safe and friendly childcare is provided.

  • The Book of Colossians

    Spring 2018 Series

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    How Jesus makes a difference in every part of our lives.

    May 18, 2018 · Church,hospitality,Christians
    Somewhere along the way, the church in the West has forgotten its calling to be radically hospitable. This is Christine Pohl’s provocative argument in Making Room: Recovering Hospitality as a Christian Tradition. I think she’s on to something. In Scripture, it is almost inconceivable that God’s...
    May 11, 2018
    During a recent visit from my adult children, we happened to be discussing inscriptions found in old Bibles. I went through my old study bible and found a verse underlined and titled “Life Verse”. I explained to them that when I was a young Christian in the early 90’s (I am dating myself here) a...
    May 4, 2018 · Church,Family
    Should families always sit together in church?   This might seem like a strange question. Often if a couple sits apart from each other during a worship service, it’s seen as a sign of marital tension, because of course they should sit together! Yet the answer is not as obvious as you might think....
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