• The scientific method can't find God.

    Is God Real?

  • Is God a Person?

    Everyone believes in some sort of a god. That god could be connected to one of the traditional religions. Or it could be a more general sense of a divine force. Or that god could simply be the laws of physics and the stuff of this universe. Everyone places their ultimate faith in something or someone—even if that faith is in self. The question we’re really asking when we talk about the existence of God is this: is the god of this universe a person?

    Science Can't Prove Persons

    Now the moment we ask this question, we have stepped into an area with which science and experimentation can’t help us. The scientific method cannot prove persons. An experiment lab cannot demonstrate the reality of love. If you are uncertain of whether or not there is a personal god out there, simple facts and arguments will never be enough on their own to assure you that God is personal. Because it’s never through facts and arguments that we come to know persons.


    You will only know the personal God as God shows himself to you

    What If...

    Here’s something to consider: what if God has been showing himself to you in different ways, not just once, but every day of your life, and you just weren’t paying attention? What if every time you see the beauty of snowfall, or the tremendous complexity of a tree, or the joy of a sunset, behind it all is someone unimaginably great trying to get your attention? And what if every time you experience love, someone is reminding you that at the very center of the universe is Love itself?

  • God Has Shown Himself to Us

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