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    How Jesus makes a difference in every part of our lives.

    I love our church’s vision statement – experience the life changing love of Jesus Christ here and take it there – there being where I work. I recently wondered if there was an opportunity to turn that around – in other words, what can I take from work and apply to our life togetherat church? How...
    October 13, 2018
    Following Sunday’s sermon, I’ve had a number of good and interesting conversations about the relationship between preaching and politics. What overlap (if any) should there be between the news headlines and what we hear from the pulpit?   I think we understand this better by considering two...
    What a week it’s been. Those with opposing views on Judge Brett Kavanaugh can at least agree on one thing: It’s an exhausting time to be an American. I was reminded this week that almost anytime I engage in political dialogue, whether commiserating with someone who agrees with me or seeking to...
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