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    How Jesus makes a difference in every part of our lives.

    I’ve been spending some time with the book of Isaiah recently, and I’ve been struck by the prominence of the theme of beauty. As the book begins, God’s people have in their idolatry become corrupt, unrighteous. They are ugly. But almost a soon as that reality is described we find God making a...
    April 6, 2019
    I remember one day when our daughter Emma pulled a pear out of our countertop fruit bowl, held it up with a whimsical smile, and said, “This looks like it belongs in a still life.”  You know what she’s referring to—those eighteenth-century paintings of fruit in a bowl or bread on a cutting board...
    I regularly find myself challenged by Paul’s instructions in Colossians: “Act wisely toward outsiders, making the most of the time.” The name “outsiders” reminds us of what is at stake. We who are Christians now experience hope, and joy, and forgiveness through Christ. But this is not true of...
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