• Who We Are

    Learn more about Trinity.

  • Our Mission:

    To be Christ's beautiful church for the good of the world.


    We are not our own. We belong to our Savior.

    Jesus has rescued us by dying for us, and this good news is what defines us. We believe that our sin goes deep, but God's love in Christ goes deeper. In response to that love, we aim to listen to Christ in his word and be shaped by him in every way.

    ...beautiful church...

    Jesus is creating a new, beautiful community.

    We believe that God is doing more than providing personal salvation. He's forming a new people capable of experiencing the love and commitment to each other we were meant for. We aspire to be a community who reflects God's glorious grace.

    ...for the good of the world.

    Christ calls us to join him in his mission.

    Jesus gave his life in love for the world, and he calls us to follow. In our missions efforts, in local service, and simply in our personal relationships with our neighbors, we strive to help others know and experience the love of Jesus.

  • Our Convictions:

    Confessionally Reformed, Carefully Biblical, and Passionately Christ-Centered

    What do we believe? Well, how much time do you have? The quick answer is that we are confessionally Reformed, carefully biblical, and passionately Christ-centered. If you want to go deeper, check out our Discovering Trinity page, which outlines some of what we teach and our ministry philosophy. If you want to go even deeper (and we know that some of you do!), you can check out the Westminster Standards, which are the statement of faith of our denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

  • Want To Go Deeper?

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