• A Church in Hinsdale

    Where You

    And Your Family

    Can Grow

  • Christmas Eve MORNING Service: 9:30AM


    Christmas Eve

    EVENING Service: 4:00PM

    Christmas Eve Service:

    45 Minute Family Service With Scripture Reading & Singing

  • We are a community committed to growing together.

    And we're convinced

    that we grow as we experience

    the life-changing love of Jesus.

  • We Worship at The Community House in Hinsdale

    415 W 8th Street | Hinsdale, IL


    Service at 9:30AM

    Safe and friendly childcare is provided.

  • Current Sermon Series:

    "The Journey of Redemption"

    Advent 2017

  • Pastor's Blog

    How Jesus makes a difference in every part of our lives.

    December 15, 2017
    Above: The Nativity, Gari Melchers Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German pastor who was imprisoned by Hitler, and killed in the final days of WWII for his opposition to the Nazi's. His Advent devotionals and Christmas sermons are a true legacy of encouragement to the Church. Enclosed is an excerpt...
    December 7, 2017
    “Whoever gathered much had nothing left over, and whoever gathered little had no lack.” These words, first found in Exodus, speak of the miracle of manna. In the desert, every day for forty years, God provided for his people in such a way that if each person gathered the right amount for...
    November 30, 2017
    Some people have a hard time waiting. Every year, it seems store’s the Christmas decorations come out earlier and earlier. This year it was the day after the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation (Okay, maybe Halloween).  Radio stations also cannot seem to restrain themselves from starting the...
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