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    Where You

    And Your Family

    Can Grow

  • We are a community committed to growing together.

    And we're convinced

    that we grow as we experience

    the life-changing love of Jesus.

  • We Worship at The Community House in Hinsdale

    415 W 8th Street | Hinsdale, IL


    Service at 9:30AM

    Safe and friendly childcare is provided.

  • Current Sermon Series:

    "Jesus' Letters To Us"

    Winter 2018

  • Pastor's Blog

    How Jesus makes a difference in every part of our lives.

    19 janvier, 2018 · Church,Persecution,Prayer
    In our series on Jesus’ seven letters to the churches in Revelation, we've been focusing on understanding what Jesus is saying to our congregations. How is the Spirit of Christ encouraging and challenging Trinity and Redemption? In what ways are we being called to grow and change as we seek to be...
    As we learned this fall, Exodus is all about YHWH establishing his resume with the Israelites. From beginning to end YHWH makes it clear that he is "the God of steadfast love and faithfulness who brought you up out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage." He is the God who loves them,...
    4 janvier, 2018 · Culture,Church,Revelation
    Some of you who are “Trinity veterans” might remember that eight years ago I preached through the book of Revelation. It was a fun sermon series for me. I never had to worry about people thinking to themselves after hearing the Scripture read, “Well, I’ve heard this all before.” And each passage,...
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