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Part One: Who We Are

Our Foundation

The Gospel Story

This is what defines us. We seek increasingly to allow the gospel story reshape our story. Read more about Trinity’s Beliefs.

Our Mission

Christ’s Beautiful Church for the Good of the World

Learn more about what we see as our mission in this world.

Our Commitment

Why We Take Community Seriously 

We believe community is not just a nice idea. It’s central to God’s plan. Read more about Trinity’s Leadership Structures.

Our Practice

The Communal Work of Christian Discipleship 

Christian growth isn’t just our responsibility; it is our privilege. We are given the gift of being able to “put on Christ” together.

Part Two: Joining With Us


Our Vision for Worship

Worship is not just a religious activity: everybody worships. When we come together, our goal is to help each other learn to worship the one who is truly worthy of it.


Extending God’s Welcome

In the life of Jesus we see how God makes his enemies into friends and his friends into family. Our calling is to do the same together.


From Self-Centeredness to Love

Once, “we were darkness.” Through sin, we were a black hole of endless desire. But Christ has restored us, enabling us to love and serve the world.


Membership Is Partnership

“Membership” can mean very different things in different context. In this video we try to outline what we mean by the word. Required reading: Community Life and Commitments.

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