• To Need Purpose is Part of Being Human.

  • A doctor once persuaded the administration of a nursing home to bring in animals to be cared for by the residents: rabbits, hens, dogs, cats parakeets. Through this simple change, the entire community seemed to come alive.


    People who had stopped talking or walking asked if they could take the dog for a walk. Parakeets were named and adopted. Mortality rates dropped and fewer psychotropic drugs were needed.




    Because the pets gave people a sense of purpose.

    To need purpose is part of being human.


    In fact, when we lack a sense of direction to our lives, we begin to fall apart.

    • We become depressed, unmotivated, joyless.
    • We need something that gives meaning to the grind.
    • We need to have a sense that we’re part of something important.

    It’s not just that we desire it—there’s something fundamental to what we are.


    But where do we find it?

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